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Tattoos.net is looking for creative, passionate and motivated CONTRIBUTING WRITERS to join our editorial team.

Please note that this is NOT an immediate, paying gig. There will be a "trial" period - an internship of sorts – to screen out those we feel will be worth giving this opportunity to. We want to attract candidates who are willing to prove that they are committed, hard-working and talented. In other words, we are looking for the best. But we are also looking for people who want to GROW with us.

We feel Tattoos.net is a cool site right now. But we want to make it GREAT. We want minds that have a craving for challenges and a desire to be part of something special. Those individuals will reap the benefits of creating something unique, of quality and truly rewarding because they are doing it for the right reason: passion.

The good news is that you can work from anywhere you want! And yes. This position will eventually be a paid one. If all this sounds interesting to you, please send an email to jk@tattoos.net with the following:

In a few words describe...

- Your writing style and experience.
- What you love about writing
- What you love about tattoos
- Why you want to join Tattoos.net

Please also include your contact information and use subject line: "Writing for Tattoos.net". Thanks to all who apply.

Webmaster, Tattoos.net


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