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Here is a list of most of Waka Flocka's tattoos:

1- "So Icey Ent" tattoo on right forearm

2- "Rhaleek" tattoo on left wrist

3- "Time is Money" and skull tattoo on left forearm

4- "South" on right hand and "Side" on left hand with flames

5- Various letters on hands

6- Skull and flame tattoos on left shoulder and arm

7- Lettering, cloud and flame tattoos on right arm and shoulder

8- "MOB" tattoo on center of chest

9- Star tattoo with the letter "P" on center of chest

10- Skull tattoo on the left side of his chest

11- Lettering, number and money bag tattoos filling up spots between main tattoos on chest

12- Lettering tattoos on neck


American rapper Waka Flocka Flame was born Juaquin Malphurs on May 31, 1986. He is signed to Warner Bros. and 1017 records and is best known for his Southern hip hop style of rap music. Flocka's first album, Flockaveli, has had great succes with singles like "Hard in da Paint" and "O Let's do it" and "No Hands". Waka Flocka has pretty much tattoos on every part on his upper body, making them hard to distinguish them individually. His hands and forearms are covered with many tattoos, such as "So Icey Ent" on his right forearm (1), "Rahleek" on his left wrist (2), a skull tattoo with "Time is Money" on his left forearm (3) and "South Side" with flames on his both hands (4). Waka Flocka also has lettering tattoos on his fingers (5). His both arms and shoulders boast sleeves, completely covered with tattoos of many designs and meanings such as skulls and flames on his left arm and shoulder(6) and lettering, clouds and more flames on his right arm and shoulder (7).


Waka Flocka also has his whole chest covered with tattoos. First of all, he has a "MOB" or "Money Over Bitches" tattoo written in stylish graffiti letters on the center of his chest (8). A tattoo of a star with the letter "P" (9) and a skull (10) are also part of the rappers chest tattoo piece. The rest of Flocka's chest tattoos are composed of lettering tattoos, number tattoos and money bags (11). He also has simillar designs on his neck (12), but as of 2011, Waka Flocka has no tattoos on his face.



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