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Here is a list of Ville Valo's tattoos:

1- Full sleeve on left arm made from abstract designs and vines

2- Portrait tattoo of woman on right side of chest

3- "Heartagram" (HIM logo) tattoo on left nipple

4- Portrait tattoo of man sucking on thumb on right side of stomach

5- "Heartagram" (HIM logo) tattoo on lower abdomen

6- Portrait tattoo of man on right forearm

7- Abstract tattoo designs on right inner bicep

8- Heartagram logo on back of neck

9- Pair of eyes on shoulder blades

10- Portrait tattoo on right outer forearm


Finnish singer, song writer and front man of the heavy metal band HIM Ville Valo was born on November 22, 1976. Singing in the baritone vocal range, Valo has recieved several awards, such as the "Golden God" award given out by heavy metal magazine Metal Hammer, and has ranked number 80 in the top 100 metal vocalists of all time list made by Hit Paraders magazine.


Ville Valo has many tattoos that go well with the Gothic image he portrays as the singer for a heavy metal band. He is particularly fond of portrait tattoos (2)(4)(6)(10), and he has three tattoos of his band's (HIM) logo, the famous heartagram. This logo, consisted of a blend between a heart and a satanic pentagram star, is found on his left nipple (3), his lower stomach (5) and the back of his neck (9). Ville Valo also has full sleeve on his whole left shoulder, arm and forearm, that is made of abstract designs of vines and lines (1). Finally, he has a pair of huge eyes on his shoulder blades (9) and an abstract tattoo made of circles and squares on his right arm (7).



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