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Victoria Beckham  19 Pictures

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Here is a list of Victoria Beckham's Tattoos:

1- Star tattoos on lower back area
2- Religious quote tattoo on back of neck and upper back
3- Roman numerals on right wrist
4- Lettering tattoo on right wrist
5- "DB" tattoo on left wrist
6- Hebrew tattoo on left wrist

British singer, model and fashion designer Victoria Caroline Beckham was born on April 17, 1974. She became famous as Posh Spice in the nineties pop sensation group Spice Girls. After the band's separation, she continued a solo career that had great success in England. As of 2011, she is married with superstar footballer David Beckham, and has given up on the music industry, spending all her time with her family and as a businesswoman and a fashion designer. Victoria Beckham also has a passion for tattoos. Her first tattoo consists of five stars located on her lower back (1), each star being for a member in her family (herself, David Beckham, and their three sons, Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo).


Victoria Beckham also has a tattoo on the back of her neck of a religious quote in Hebrew from the Song of Solomon 6:3 (2). David Beckham got a matching tattoo at the same time as her for their sixth wedding anniversary. She also has a tattoo of the date May 08 1997 written in Roman numerals on her wrist (3). This date represents the first time she and David Beckham had sexual relations. Finally, Victoria Beckham has a lettering tattoo on her left wrist that says "De Integra" (4), a tattoo of the letters "DB" on her wrist for her husband David Beckham (5), and right under it a Hebrew tattoo that reads in Hebrew "De Integra, De Enegra, De intopa" (6), which means in English "Together, Forever, Eternally".



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