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Tyson Beckford 44 Pictures

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Tyson Beckford has tattoos on almost every part of his body. His left arm wears a lettering tattoo design that says "Tyson", as well as a spider web tattoo on his shoulder and skull tattoo designs of comedy masks with the phrase "Laugh Now, Smile Later" around. The rest of his arm was later covered with various small tattoo designs. Beckford's right arm wears his first tattoo that consists of the Chinese character for "Strength", as well as a dragon tattoo design and Japanese tattoo designs of clouds and waves that cover the rest of the arm. A cross tattoo and a lettering tattoo that says "Lord of Lords" decorate his back, and his left leg wears tribal tattoo designs. Finally, Tyson Beckford got the name of his son Jordan tattooed on the left side of his neck and Japanese Kanji characters on the right side.


1- "Tyson" lettering tattoo on left shoulder

2- Spider web tattoo on left inside elbow

3- Comedy mask skulls on left bicep

4- "Laugh Now, Smile Later" lettering tattoo around comedy mask skulls on left bicep

5- Floral tattoo design around left upper forearm

6- Sleeve made of various designs on left forearm

7- Dragon tattoo on right shoulder

8- Chinese character on right shoulder

9- Sleeve made of various Japanese tattoo designs on whole right arm

10- Cross tattoo on center of back

11- "Lord of Lords" lettering tattoo on upper back

12- "Jordan" lettering tattoo on left side of neck

13- Kanji Japanese characters on right side of neck

14- Tribal tattoo designs on left leg


Tyson Beckford is an American fashion model, best known for his work for Ralph Lauren. He also has been the host of the Bravo television show Make Me a Supermodel.




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