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Here is a list of Tupac's tattoos:

1- Egyptian queen Nefertiti with "2 DIE 4" on right side of chest

2- "2PAC" tattoo on left side of chest

3- AK47 tattoo with the words "50 NIGGAZ" on upper stomach

4- "THUG LIFE" tattoo on stomach

5- "MAKAVELI" Tattoo on right side of neck

6- Black Panther tattoo on left shoulder

7- Jesus tattoo on a burning cross with "Only God Can Judge Me" and "Trust Nobody" on left ar

8- "OUTLAW" tattoo with tribal bands on left forearm

9- "NOTORIOUS" tattoo on right forearm

10- Skull tattoo with "My Only Fear Of Dying Is Coming Back Reincarnated" and "HEARTLESS" on right arm

11- Unclear portrait tattoo right shoulder

12- "F*CK THE WORLD" tattoo on middle upper back

13- "EXODUS 11:18" inside Gothic cross tattoo on middle of back

14- "Laugh Now" with happy Drama mask on left side of back

15- "Cry Later" with sad drama mask on right side of back

16- "BALLIN" tattoo in Gothic letters on lower back


American rapper and actor Tupac, also known as "2PAC" or "Makaveli" was born Tupac Amaru Shakur on June 16, 1971. He is one of the best selling artists of all time, having sold over 75 million albums worldwide. He was also named the 86th greatest artist of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine. His untimely and mysterious death on September 7, 1996, shocked the rap industry and fans worldwide. Tupac has many tattoos on his body, and they all seem to have deep meaning for him.


His chest bears a tattoo of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti with the words "2 Die 4" on the right side (1), as well as a lettering tattoo of his stage name "2PAC" on the right (2). This last tattoo was the first he got on his body. Tupac also has a tattoo of an AK47 weapon with the words "50 NIGGAZ" on his upper stomach (3). The "50" stands for an African American in every American state, and the the whole tattoo together represents the fact that Makaveli thought that the union of every African American in the United States would be much more powerful than AK47's. The last tattoo on 2PAC's stomach is by far his most popular one, saying "THUG LIFE" with a bullet replacing the "I" in the phrase (4).


This tattoo is an acronym created by Tupac that stands for "The Hate U Give Little Infants F*cks Everybody" Tupac also has many tattoos on his both arms. He has a panther tattoo on his left arm (6), that represents the Black Panther Movement and his mother's implication in the movement. He also has a tattoo of Jesus on the cross with burning flames and the phrases "Only God Can Judge Me" and "Trust Nobody" on his left arm (7).


Makaveli also has the word "OUTLAW" delimited by tribal bands on his left forearm (8), as well as the word "NOTORIOUS" on his right forearm (9), both written in Gothic style letters. He also has on is right arm a skull tattoo with the phrases "My Only Fear Of Dying Is Coming Back Reincarnated" and "HEARTLESS" around it (10). His right shoulder bears an unclear tattoo of what appears to be a comic style portrait (11).


2PAC also has many tattoos on his back, such as the phrase "F*CK THE WORLD" on the upper middle part of his back (12), "BALLIN" in Gothic letters on his lower back (16), and drama masks on each side of his back with the phrases "Laugh Now" (13) and "Cry Later" (14). He also has a tattoo of his nickname "MAKAVELI" on the right side of his neck (5). Like his "THUG LIFE" tattoo on his stomach, Tupac's Gothic Cross tattoo with the words "Exodus 18:11" inside on his back (15) is one of his most popular and imitated tattoos. Exodus 18:11 is a Bible verse that says "Now I am certain that the Lord is greater than all gods, for he has overcome them in their pride". This quote meant a lot to Tupac and it influenced greatly his way of thinking and doing things.



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