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Here is a list of some of Travis Barker's most popular tattoos:

1- Cadillac emblem tattoo on center of chest

2- Checkered flag tattoo on neck

3- Boom box radio tattoo on center of stomach

4- Musical note tattoo on neck

5- Pinup girl tattoos on neck, chest and stomach

6- Angel tattoo on stomach

7- Flames and smoke filling up between multiple tattoo designs

8- Various text tattoos on whole body


When it comes to celebrity tattoos, Travis Barker is one to be recognized. The famed drummer for Blink 182 and other bands, such as +44 and Box Car Racer, has a tattoo on basically every part of his body. His ink spreads from his back to his chest and neck, with of course magnificent sleeves on his arms and forearms and legs. Always proud to show his mix of old school and new school tattoos on photos and pics, Travis Barker wears tats of various designs and meanings.


He is particularly fond of Cadillac emblems (1) and other car racing related tattoos, such as a checkered flag on his neck (2). This last tattoo, being almost impossible to cover-up, was done to motivate and force him to stay in a musical career for the rest of his life. Getting an office job can be pretty hard when you have a checkered flag on your whole neck.


Travis also has music tattoos, with meaning to his musical career, like a boom box radio (3) and musical notes (4). The rest of his body is covered with pinup girl tattoos (5), religious symbols (6), flames, fire and smoke (7), and a lot of text and tattoo script (8). As a matter of fact, the word "BONES" (nickname when he was a child) was his first tattoo when he was only 17 years old. The list goes on, making Travis Barker's body a real piece of art.


Unfortunately, he got quite a scare when most of his skin was burned after a plane crash in 2008. He is now fully recovered and continuing to ask some of Southern California's finest tattoo artists to find new spots to cover with beautiful and original tattoos.




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