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Here is a list of the tattoos of Trace Cyrus:

1- Cross tattoo with tear drop next to right eye

2- Feather tattoo on left side of face next to left eye

3- Color tattoo made of a cross on a coffin with eagle wings spreading on each side on throat

4- "Songs Of Victory" lettering tattoo on chest

5- Tattoo of wings spreading on chest

6- Far West style rifle tattoos on upper stomach under chest

7- Color tattoo sleeves on both shoulders, arms and forearms


More to come... American musician, singer and guitarist Trace Cyrus was born on February 24, 1989. He is best known for his role as the front man, songwriter and singer of the now broken up band Metro Station. Trace Cyrus is also known for being the adopted brother of famous singer Miley Cyrus and hence the adopted son of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.