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Here is a list of The Game's tattoos:

---Face and Neck Tattoos---

1- Los Angeles Dodgers logo tattoo under right eye

2- Tear Drop tattoo under left eye

3- "HTC 6 30 03" tattoo for his son's initials and birth date next to left ear

4- The Game's logo with cards tattoo on left side of neck

5- "Black Wallstreet" tattoo for his record label on left side of neck

6- Converse classic All-Stars logo on right side of neck

7- "CBP" tattoo for "Cedar Block Piru" on right side of neck


---Chest and Stomach Tattoos---

8- "NWA" tattoo on right side of chest

9- "Hate It Or Love It" tattoo on chest

10- Bandana tattoo on left side of chest

11- "Stretch" tattoo on stomach


---Shoulder, Arm and Hand Tattoos---

12- "KJ" tattoo on right shoulder

13- Tupac Shakur Angel tattoo on right arm

14- Easy-E tribute tattoo and "Black Wallstreet" tattoo on right forearm

15- Rap Music Graveyard tattoo on right inside forearm

16- Billboard tribute tattoo on right arm

17- "Chuck" tattoo on right arm

18- "Taylor" tattoo on left hand that goes with "Chuck" tattoo as a tribute

19- Evil clown tattoo on left forearm

20- "G-Unot" tattoo for his feud with G-Unit and 50 Cent on left arm

21- The Game's shoe company Hurricane logo on left elbow

22- Pigeon tattoo on left arm

23- "The Black" tattoo on left forearm


American rapper The Game was born Jayceon Terrell Taylor on November 29, 1979. He gained most of his fame as a member of the rap group G-Unit (mainly known for rapper 50 Cent) and his first album The Documentary has had great success, earning The Game two Grammy awards. He also released Doctor's Advocate in 2006 and LAX in 2008, who were also greatly acclaimed by fans and critics. The game owns his own record label (The Black Wall Street) and plays a big role in bringing back the West Coast Hip-Hop scene. You can easily see by looking at The Game's tattoo list that he is a real aficionado of body art and ink.


Year after year, the list keeps on growing, as he tries to find new spots on his body to add more tattoos. The game is also very proud of his tattoos and does not miss a chance to talk about them to the media. He feels that his ink plays a great role in his image and hence his success as a west coast rapper in 2010.





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