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Sarah Connor 10 Pictures

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Sarah Connor Tattoos

1- Treble clef tattoo on right side of neck close to ear

2- "Summer" lettering tattoo with butterfly and heart pulse line on right inner elbow

3- Lettering tattoo with "JJ" located on right wrist

4- Gothic style letters on left wrist

5- Vine style tattoos on left inner forearm

6- "Music" lettering tattoo on ring finger of right hand

7- Japanese characters going from back of neck to lower back


German songwriter, singer and television presenter Sarah Connor was born Sarah Marianne Corina Lewe on June 13, 1980. She is widely known on the European music scene and she has won several European awards for her many chart topping hits.


Sarah Connor has a few tattoos on her body, such as a treble clef music tattoo on the right side of her neck (1), a lettering tattoo that says "Summer" with a butterfly tattoo and what appears to be a vital sing pulse line on her inner right elbow (2). The diva also has another lettering tattoo with the letters "JJ" on her right wrist (3), Gothic style letters on her left wrist (4), vine tattoos on her left forearm (5) and the word "Music" on her right hand ring finger (6). Finally, Sarah Connor has a group of Japanese tattoos made of Kanji symbols that mean, from top of neck to lower back, "Peace", "Truth", "God", "Energy", "Love", "Family", "Music" and "Sun" (7).



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