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Here is a list of Randy Orton's tattoos:

1- Tribal tattoo on upper back and neck

2- Tribal cover up tattoo on left arm

3- Sleeve made of skulls, bones and roses on both arms

4- Quote tattoo on right elbow


American professional wrestler Randy Orton was born Randal Keith Orton on April 1, 1980. As of 2011, he is signed to the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and is the reigning WWE champion. His grandfather and his father were also professional wrestlers. He is considered to be "Evil" in the WWE alignment, and has had massive success as the "Legend Killer" that always tries to defeat "good" WWE legends. Randy Orton has a few tattoos, such as a huge back piece tribal tattoo on his upper back and neck (1).


It was done while he was still training as a wrestler in Ohio, and he explained that it never had the time to heal because he was constantly training. Orton had to go and get it retouched every few weeks because of this. He also has tribal on his left arm that covers up a tattoo of the word "USMC" (2), that he got while he was serving in the United States Marine Corps. He also has tattoo sleeves on both arms that are consisted of skulls, bones and roses (3). Randy Orton also has a quote tattoo on his right elbow (4).




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