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Here is a list of Peaches Geldof's tattoos:

1- Swallow tattoos on right and left side of lower stomach

2- Heart outline tattoo on inner right forearm

3- Lettering tattoo on right forearm an wrist

4- Lettering tattoo on right inner forearm

5- "Max" tattoo on left inner wrist

6- Braclet tattoo around left wrist

7- "Ex-Valentine" tattoo on left shoulder

8- Book tattoo with lightbulb on right arm

9- Tattoo of a hand holding a flower on right shoulder blade

10- Lettering tattoo of a quote with small vines on lower back

11- Flower tattoos consisting of daisies on a long vine stretching from left knee to left breast


Irish journalist, model and television personality Peaches Geldof was born on March 13, 1989. She started writing as a columnist for fashion magazines at the age of 14, and quickly became an icon in the fashion journalism world. She also was the host on several television shows started a successful modeling career in 2009.



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