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Orlando Bloom's Tattoos

British actor Orlando Bloom was born Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom on January 13, 1977. He became famous as an actor with his break-through role as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings  in 2001. He has also had important roles in other successful movies such as the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Elizabethtown and Kingdom of Heaven.


1- Sun tattoo on left side of lower stomach

2- "Nine" in Elvish language on right inner forearm


As of 2012, Orlando Bloom has two tattoos on his body, such as a sun tattoo that he got at the age of 15 on his lower stomach and a 9 number tattoo written in elvish. This last tattoo was done in honor of the Lord of the Rings movie, and the nine is for the fact that they were nine actors in the Fellowship of the ring, who also got matching tattoos.



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