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Nelly Tattoos

1- Heart tattoo on left side of chest

2- Playing card tattoos with dice and a skeleton hand on right shoulder

3- "Lunatic" tattoo in gothic letters on stomach

4- Outline of a tribal tattoo on left arm an shoulder

5- "Moses" tattoo in stylish letters and other designs on right forearm


American rapper Nelly was born Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr. on November 2, 1974. Starting his rapping career in 1993 with the rap group St. Lunatics, Nelly became famous worldwide when he released his first solo album in 2000, Country Grammar. He has been active since, releasing several successful albums.


Nelly has a total of five tattoos on his body, such as a heart tattoo on the left of his chest (1), a skeleton hand tattoo holding card tattoos that spell "Nelly" on his right shoulder (2), a lettering tattoo that says "Lunatic" in gothic letters on his stomach on top of his navel (3), a tribal tattoo on his left arm (4), and finally a stylish lettering tattoo that says "Moses" on his right foreman (5). Nelly explained that this last tattoo was done because he felt that the success he had with his first group St. Lunatics (and exiting the local confined musical scene of St. Louis) was like when Moses led the Jewish people out of Egypt to save them.




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