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Here is a list of Monica's tattoos:

1- Jesus tattoo on left shoulder and arm

2- Tattoo of boys name "Romelo" and "Rodney" on right shoulder

3- "Love" tattoo with two hearts on left wrist

4- Tattoo of husband's name "Shannon" with heart on right wrist

5- Tribal band tattoo around ankle

6- Praying hands with the names of her sons "Romelo" and "Rodney" on leg


American R&B singer and record producer Monica was born Monica Denise Brown Arnold on October 24, 1980. She became famous in 1998 when she released the single The Boy is Mine with fellow R&B singer Brandy. Monica has released several other successful albums and was even the star of her own reality show Still Standing on the BET network. Monica has a few tattoos on her body, such as the names of her boys Rodney and Romelo, in cursive stylish letters on the top of her right shoulder (2) and accompanied by praying hands on her leg (6). She also has a portrait tattoo of Jesus surrounded by thrones on her left arm (1), a lettering tattoo of the word "Love" with to hearts on her left wrist (3) and a tribal tattoo surrounding her ankle (5). Finally, Monica got a tattoo for her 2011 husband Shannon Brown of the LA Lakers that consists of his first name accompanied by a heart with a keyhole in it (4) (meaning that he has the keys to her heart).



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