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Mike Tyson 9 Pictures

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Here is a list of Mike Tyson's tattoos:

1- Tribal tattoo on left side of face

2- Mao Zedong portrait tattoo on right shoulder

3- Dragon tattoo on right outer forearm

4- Arthur Ashe portrait tattoo on left shoulder

5- Monica Turner portrait on left inner forearm

6- Che Guevara portrait tattoo on left side ribcage


American professional boxer Mike Tyson was born Micheal Gerard Tyson in June 30, 1966. He is recongnized world wide as one of the greatest boxers to ever live, winning many fights, being the undisputed champion for long periods and having many world records, such as the record for the youngest boxer to win heavyweight WBC, WBA and IBF world titles.


Mike Tyson also attracted media attention with his erratic and impulsive personality, and committing controversial acts, such as serving jail time for rape and biting off the ear of fellow boxer Evander Holyfield during a match in 1997. As of 2011, Mike Tyson has six distinct tattoos on his body. His most popular and controversial tattoo is by far the tribal tattoo he has on the left side of his face, surrounding his eye (1). Besides a dragon tattoo on his right outer forearm (3), Mike Tyson's other tattoos consist of portrait tattoos.


His right shoulder wears a portrait of Chinese dictator Mao Zedong (2), and his left shoulder a portrait of Arthur Ashe (4), the first African American tennis player to win the Wimbeldon tournament. He also has a tattoo of his former wife, Monica Turner, on his left inner forearm (5), and a portrait tattoo of Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara on the left side of his ribcage (6).



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