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Michelle Branch  17 Pictures

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Michelle Branch's Tattoos

American singer, guitarist and songwriter Michelle Branch was born on July 2, 1983. She became famous when she released the highly successful albums Spirit Room and Hotel Paper in 2000. Branch has also formed a country duo with fellow musician Jessica Harp in 2005 called The Wreckers. Branch has received several Grammy Awards in her career, notably with guitarist Carlos Santana for the hit single “The Game of Love”.


1- Cow girl pinup tattoo on left inner forearm

2- "Left" lettering tattoo on left wrist

3- "Right" lettering tattoo on right wrist

4- Red nautical star tattoo on back of neck

5- Musical note on left shoulder blade

6- Japanese Kanji symbols on small of back (now covered with tattoo #7)

7- Old school rose tattoo on small of back

8- Cherry blossom tattoo on top of each shoulder


Michelle Branch has several tattoos on her body, such as a pinup tattoo, lettering tattoos, a nautical tattoo, a music tattoo, a Japanese tattoo, an old school rose tattoo, as well as cherry blossom tattoos.




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