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Marylin Manson  22 Pictures

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Here is a list of Marilyn Manson's tattoos:

1- Skull tattoo on right outer forearm

2- Evil tree root tattoo on outer left wrist

3- Evil portrait tattoo on outer left forearm

4- Spider web tattoo on left wrist

5- Tattoo of three black lines on throat

6- Devil tattoo with dice on left shoulder

7- Pentagram style bull on left arm

8- Abstract tattoo design on inside of left and right elbow

9- Green horned cyclops tattoo on right shoulder

10- Tattoo of an ant with wings on right arm


American singer and musician Marilyn Manson was born Brian Hugh Warner on Janurary 5, 1969. After a short career as a music Journalist, he founded the highly successful band Marilyn Manson (Named after himself, and created by mixing old celebrity names and serial killer names Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson). Marilyn Manson is known for his controversial image and stage presence, as well as for his dark and deep music and lyrics.



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