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American singer Mark McGrath was born on March 15, 1968. He is best known for his role as the lead vocalist of the successful pop rock band Sugar Ray. He has also appeared on television as a co-host on Extra and as a main host on Don't Forget The Lyrics! in 2010.


1- Swallow tattoos on each shoulder

2- Praying hands on right side of chest

3- "M" lettering tattoo on left side of chest

4- Gothic style "S" letter tattoo on top of navel

5- Rolex logo on right side of rib cage

6- Japanese Kanji symbol tattoo on left outer wrist

7- Blue rose tattoo on left forearm

8- Nautical star tattoo with spider web on left elbow

9- Anchor tattoo on left side of rib cage

10- Four leaf clover tattoo and rose tattoo on right forearm

11- Lettering tattoos on chest

12- Four leaf clover tattoo on right wrist

13- Heart tattoo on right inner forearm

14- "Irish" lettering tattoo across each shoulder blade

15- "M" letter tattoo on small of back


Mark McGrath has tattoos on almost every part of his body. His arms are covered with four leaf clovers, a nautical tattoo, a rose tattoo, swallow tattoos, a Japanese tattoo and a heart tattoo. His chest, ribcage and back also wear lettering tattoos, a Rolex watch logo tattoo, a religious tattoo, and an anchor tattoo.








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