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Margaret Cho Tattoos

1- Rose tattoo on right shoulder

2- Peacock tattoo with flowers on left shoulder

3- Gun tattoo holding on a garter on left thigh

4- Crane bird tattoo with flowers on right thigh

5- Flower tattoo with snakes on lower back

6- Rose tattoo on top of left breast 

7- Snake tattoo with flowers on left side of stomach and ribcage (linked to tattoo #5)


American actress, comedian, signer, musician and fashion designer Margaret Cho was born on December 5, 1968. She is best known for her role as a stand-up comedian, often performing socially and politically oriented sketches. She also has her own clothing line and has appeared in sevreal hollywood movies such as Face Off.


Margaret Cho is a huge tattoo aficionado, and she once said in an interview with the media that tattoos replace cosmetic surgery for her. She has many big tattoos on her body, such as many large flower tattoos and rose tattoos (1)(5)(6) and several smaller flowers included in other designs (2)(4)(7). Cho also has a Peacock bird tattoo on her left shoulder (2), a gun and a garter tattoo on her left thigh (3), a crane bird tattoo on her right thigh (4) and snake tattoos streching from her lower back tattoo to the left side of her stomach (7).