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Lloyd Banks 7 Pictures

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Lloyd Banks Tattoos

1- "Rotten Apple" lettering tattoo on upper back

2- Tattoo of a New York City landscape with the Statue of Liberty holding a gun on whole back

3- "South Side" lettering tattoo on both hands

4- "G-Unit" lettering tattoo in cursive letters on right hand

5- Dollar sign tattoos on right forearm

6- Tattoo of a marijuana leaf on right outer forearm

7- Lettering tattoo on left outer forearm

8- "Tank" tattoo on right shoulder

9- Different tattoo designs on left shoulder and arm


American rapper Lloyd Banks was born Christopher Charles Lloyd on April 30, 1982. He is best known for his role as a member of the rap group G-Unit. After the release of the first G-Unit album Beg for Mercy in 2003, Banks released his solo debut The Hunger for More in 2004, which featured the top ten hit single On Fire.



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