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Here is a list of Keyshia Cole's Tattoos:

1- Tattoo of a heart with a stake going through it with a star on right shoulder

2- Rose tattoo with flames and initials "KC" on left wrist

3- "Have Faith" tattoo with little heart on right side of neck

4- Teddy bear tattoo on right ankle

American singer Keyshia Cole was born Keyshia Myeshia Cole Gibson on October 15, 1981. She became famous with her 2005 debut platinum album The Way It Is, and her second and third albums, Just Like You and A Different Me, were also greatly successful.

Cole was also the star of her own BET reality show, Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is. Keyshia Cole has a few tattoos on her of different meanings. Her first one is a big heart tattoo with a wooden stake going through it and a star tattoo behind on her right shoulder (1).

Cole's left wrist also wears an elaborate tattoo design composed of a rose tattoo surrounded by flames with a lettering tattoo of the letters "KC", for her initials (2).

Keyshia Cole also has a tattoo of a small red heart with the words "Have Faith" on the right side of her neck, next to her ear (3), as well as a tattoo of a color teddy bear on her right ankle (4).



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