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Here is a list of Justin Bieber's tattoos:

1- Seagull outline tattoo on left side of stomach
2- Jesus spelled in Hebrew on left side of ribcage
3- Star outline tattoo on left elbow

Canadian singer and pop sensation Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994. First discovered on YouTube by Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber was eventually presented to Usher and was soon signed to RBMG Music, and got a record contract with L.A. Ried from Island Records. His career would go on to be truly successful, making Bieber the first recording artist to have seven songs from his debut album chart on the Billboards' Hot 100. A movie detailing his career and performances was even released with great success.

Justin Bieber has only three tattoos as of 2011. His first tattoo was done as a family tradition and for his 16th birthday. The tattoo consists of the outline of a seagull (1) from a popular book of Jonathan Livingston, and his father and uncle have the same tattoo, making it a true family tradition. Justin Bieber also has the word "Jesus" spelled "Yeshua" in Hebrew tattooed on his left ribcage (2), as well as a star tattoo on his left elbow (3) that he got while in vacation in Hawaii.



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