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Jodie Marsh 30 Pictures

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Jodie Marsh has well over 70 tattoos. Here is a list of her most popular ones:

1- Devil tail coming out of buttocks

2- Micheal Jackson portrait tattoo on left forearm

3- Motorcycle tattoo on left inner forearm

4- Star tattoos on right foot

5- Tribal tattoo on lower back

6- Cross tattoo on left ankle

7- "My Crazy Life" lettering tattoo on left arm

8- "Only god can judge me" lettering tattoo on left forearm

9- "Lyla Paddy" on right elbow for her two dogs

10- Old school pinup girl tattoo on left arm and shoulder

11- Bow tie tattoo on right outer arm

12- Rosary tattoo with cross on right wrist

13- Aligned text tattoo on right side of back

14- Bull skull tattoo on upper back between shoulder blades

15- Bird tattoo on left side of back

16- Small abstract design on next to right elbow

17- Pinup girl tattoo on left hip

18- Small word tattoo on left side of buttocks


British glamour model and television personality Jodie Marsh was born on December 23, 1978. Her career started with photo shoots for different magazines such as FHM, Zoo and Loaded. Gaining popularity for her eccentric and sultry looks, Marsh then became a television personality, acting as a guest star on many popular British shows. In May 2007, she was given her very own reality show Totally Jodie Marsh, where men would compete to walk her down the aisle (marry her). After a short lived bodybuilding career in 2009, Marsh shows her passion for tattoos by having yet an other reality show called Jodie Marsh Tattoo Apprentice where her struggles to become a tattoo artist are documented. As of 2011, Jodie Marsh has more than 70 tattoos on her body, making the task of listing them and identifying them in pictures quite difficult.


Some notable tattoos include a devil tail coming out of her buttocks that was chosen by readers of Bizarre magazine (1), a portrait tattoo of Micheal Jackson on her left forearm (2) and a wierd tattoo of a motorcycle heading down the highway to Essex (3) (the tattoo has attracted media attention for its poor quality and error on the road number to Essex).



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