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Jessica Alba  11 Pictures

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Jessica Alba Tattoos

1- Sanskrit character for "Padma" on right wrist

2- Ladybug tattoo on back of neck

3- Bow tattoo on lower back area


Born on the 28th of April 1981, superstar celebrity and actress Jessica Alba is known today for her many roles on television (Dark Angel) and in blockbuster movies (Fantastic Four, Sin City).


Jessica Alba's career has not prevented her from getting tattoos on her body. The actress has a tattoo on the back of her neck, on her wrist and on her back. Jessica Alba's wrist tattoo is the Sanskrit character (historical and religious language of Hinduism) "Padma" which translates to lotus flower. This tattoo located on her right wrist (1) on the inside symbolises spiritual development. It is also a symbol of beauty, mental enlightenment and the ability to rise above. In a sense, the lotus flower is beautiful and perfect even though its roots are in mud and murky waters. Jessica Alba's second tattoo is on the back of her neck (2). It is a combination of a ladybug and a floral pattern (daisy), and was done along with her mom and her aunt as a bonding experience. They all got different ladybug tattoos by the same tattoo artist on the same day. Finally, Jessica Alba has a ribboned bow tattoo on her lower back (3). Unfortunately, she has never spoken publicly about the meaning of this back tattoo.



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