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Janet Jackson  12 Pictures

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Janet Jackson has a few tattoos, such as a Sankofa symbol (African tribal tattoo design) on her right wrist, hieroglyphs with flower tattoo designs on the back of her neck as well as a Maori tattoo design of a scorpion. Finally, Janet Jackson's most famous and controversial tattoo design is located on her right hip and consists of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse having intercourse.


1- Sankofa tattoo design on right inner wrist

2- Tattoo made of cartoon characters mating on right hip

3- Egyptian hieroglyphs and flower tattoo designs on back of neck

4- Maori style tribal scorpion tattoo on small of back


Janet Jackson is an American singer and actress best known for her provocative records and shows, as well as her place in popular culture for well over 25 years. She is also Michael Jackson's sister.



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