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Jackson Rathbone 11 Pictures

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Jackson Rathbone has a few tattoos on his body. His shoulders wear classic "Mom" and "Dad" tattoos, the "Mom" located in a heart tattoo design and the "Dad" around a hammer. Also, Rathbone has feather tattoo designs on the outer bicep of his both arms, as well as a lettering tattoo design that says "I'm Lost" on the left side of his lower stomach area. As of 2012, Jackson Rathbone's latest tattoos consist of a stylish circle design on his left shoulder and a string of text surrounding his right arm bicep.


1- Lettering tattoo around right arm

2- Heart tattoo with "Mom" on right shoulder

3- Feather tattoos on both biceps

4- Stylish circle tattoo on left shoulder

5- Hammer tattoo with "Dad" on left shoulder

6- "I'm lost" lettering tattoo on left side of lower stomach


Jackson Rathbone is best known for his role as an actor in the Twilight Saga movies and is also an accomplished musician that plays guitar for the band 100 Monkeys.



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