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American rapper and actor Ja Rule was born Jeffrey Atkins on February 29, 1976. After playing in the Cash Money Click rap group, Ja Rule launched his solo career in 1999 with the album Venni Vetti Vecci and the successful single “Holla Holla”. He has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide, and has had several top 20 US Billboard hits, performing often with other signers or rappers such as R. Kelly, Jennifer Lopez and Ashanti.


1- Roman numeral tattoos on left arm and forearm

2- "Hit Man" tattoo with treble clef and target across chest

3- "Pain is love" lettering tattoo on left side of chest

4- Tattoo made of a long text on right side of chest

5- "JaRule" and "CMC" tattoo on right forearm

6- "Angel of Death" lettering tattoo with angel wings on lower stomach

7- Stylish lettering tattoo on right arm and forearm

8- "Ja Rule" lettering tattoo on right side of neck

9- Angel wing tattoos on each shoulder blade with lettering and a halo in the middle

10- Tattoos of flaming rock crosses on each side of back


Like many fellow rappers, Ja Rule has many lettering tattoos on his arms, chest, stomach, back and neck.  He also has number tattoos of Roman numerals on his left arm, as well as a music tattoo composed of a treble clef and a target on his chest. Ja rule is also a fan of angel tattoos, having heavenly wing tattoos on his back and stomach. Finally, Ja Rule has religious tattoos on his back composed of fire tattoos and cross tattoos.



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