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Fearne Cotton  15 Pictures

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British television and radio presenter Fearne Cotton was born September 3, 1981.

Here is a list of her tattoos:

1- Leaf tattoo on right hip

2- Chinese characters on right side of stomach

3- Flowers and stars tattooed on right foot

4- Star tattoo on the inside of her left leg and ankle

5- Pine tree tattoo on left of lower back

6- Tribal floral tattoo on left of lower back and stomach

7- Flower tattoo on right arm

8- Rose tattoo on left side of lower back


Fearne Cotton has a few tattoos on her body, but she often claimed to the media that she would cover her whole body with tattoos if it would not put her presenter career in jeopardy. She has about eight tattoos in visible areas of her body. She seems to praise nature as a subject for her tattoos, since she has a leaf tattoo on her right hip (1), a pine tree tattoo on her left lower back (5), and a floral tribal tattoo on her left lower back and stomach (6). She also has a flower tattoo on her right arm (7), a rose tattoo on the left side of her lower back (8), as well as some flowers and stars tattooed on her right foot (3). Finally, Fearne Cotton has a star tattoo on her left ankle (4) and some Chinese characters on her right lower stomach (2).



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