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Here is a list of Eminem's tattoos:

1- "Bonnie and Clyde" tattoo on right shoulder

2- Portrait of Halie on right shoulder

3- "Proof" tattoo on left outer forearm

4- "Ronnie R.I.P." tattoo with skulls and mushrooms on left shoulder

5- "Rot in Pieces" tattoo with tombstone on stomach

6- "Slit me" tattoo on right wrist

7- "D12" tattoo on right forearm

8- "12" tattoo on left forearm

9- Tribal tattoo on left wrist

10- "Halie Jade" on parchment paper on right forearm


American superstar rapper Eminem was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III on October 17, 1972. Also known as Slim Shady, the rapper, record producer and actor has had great success in his career since the release of his first major label album The Slim Shady EP in 1999. With his first album winning a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, his second album, The Marshall Mathers LP (2000) became the fastest-selling rap album in history.


With his popularity increasing, Eminem created his own record label, and starred in the multi-award-winning movie 8 Mile as the main character. Eminem has a passion for tattoos. He has a tattoo of the words "Eminem+Kim" that he got while married to his now-divorced wife Kimberly Anne Scott.


Eminem also has many tattoos for his daughter Hailie, such as her name with the words "Bonnie & Clyde" (1), as well as a portrait tattoo of her (2), that Eminem got in 1995 when she was born. Several other tattoos were done to honor deceased people in his life. He also has "Halie Jade" on his right forearm (10) written on a parchment paper strip. He got the word "Proof" on his forearm (3) as a tribute to his late friend and fellow rapper Proof, who died of a gunshot wound in 2006.


Eminem also has the words "Ronnie R.I.P." tattooed with a skull tattoo and mushrooms (4), in honor of his uncle Ronnie that committed suicide in 1991. Eminem was very fond of Ronnie, who introduced him to rap music. His crumbling relation with former wife Kim was depicted several times in his tattoos.


He has a tombstone with Kim's name and the words "Rot in Pieces" (5), as well at the words "Slit Me" (6), for when his wife attempted suicide twice by slitting her wrists. Among many other tattoos, Eminem has two "D12" tattoos (7)(8) (rap side project with other rappers) and a tribal bracelet tattoo that he got while he was drunk (9).



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