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Dianna Agron  3 Pictures

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Dianna Agron's Tattoos

American actress, singer and model Dianna Agron was born on April 30, 1986. Although Agron made her inital fame through her role in the hit television show Glee, she has starred in many other shows such as CSI: New York, Shark, Close to home, Numb3rs and Veronica Mars.


1- "Mary had a little lamb" lettering tattoo on left side of her rib cage


The celebrity has only one lettering tattoo that says "Mary had a little lamb" on the side of her left rib. The tattoo takes on a certain significance when you know that Dianna Agron's mother is named Mary, which makes Argon the lamb and also explains her twitter name @alittlelamb. She explained to the media that her tattoo meant a lot to her but that she would not get anymore ink, whatever the tattoo meaning. However, Dianna Argon admitted that when she is around her fellow actors from Glee (who sport much more ink), she sometimes feels the temptation of getting a new tattoo.



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