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Devendra Banhart  26 Pictures

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Devendra Banhart's Tattoos

American visual artist, singer and songwriter Devendra Obi Banhart was born on May 30, 1981. He has a solo career as a musician and released his first album in 2002.


1- Bull tattoo on center of stomach

2- "LB" tattoo on center of chest

3- Matching sun tattoos on each side of chest

4- Red lines around right and left forearms

5- Lettering tattoo on inner left bicep

6- Lettering tattoo on left shoulder

7- Abstract sun tattoo on left hand

8- Tattoo of a mexican guy on right forearm

9- Abstract tattoo designs on left arm


Devendra Banhart has many tattoos such as a bull tattoo, various lettering tattoos, sun tattoos, and many abstract tattoos.



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