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David Beckham 27 Pictures

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Here is a list of some of David Beckham's tattoos:

1- Praying Jesus tattoo on right side of ribcage

2- Cross tattoo with wings on back of neck

3- Angel tattoo on right shoulder

4- Guardian angel tattoo with children's names on back

5- Roman numerals on right arm

6- Sanskrit prayer tattoo on left arm

7- Japanese symbols on left ribcage


David Beckham is an English soccer player born on May 2, 1975. As of 2011, he is playing midfield position for the Los Angeles Galaxy in the American MLS (Major League Soccer) and is one of the world's highest paid soccer players. David Beckham has also played for many soccer teams in the past, such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Preston North End, A.C. Milan and the England National Team. His success as a soccer player has given him great advertisement opportunities, making him a world-renowned fashion icon and sex-symbol.


Beckham has several tattoos that have deep meaning, most of which were done by Manchester Tattooist, Louis Malloy. In an interview, he stated that his tattoos represented the important people in his life, such as his wife Victoria Beckham and their children. His Christian religious views are also widely depicted in his tattoos, which can be seen by his tattoo of Jesus derived from the painting Man Of Sorrows by Matthew R Brooks (1), as well as a cross on the back of his neck (2). Beckham also sports an angel tattoo on his right shoulder (3) and a guardian angel tattoo between his shoulder blades with the names of his children (4).


This is a symbol of protection, seen as the angel overlooking and protecting his children. David Beckham also has the roman numeral "VII" on his right arm (5) that represents his number while he was playing with Manchester United. His left arm wears a Sanskrit writing tattoo (6), and Japanese symbol tattoos cover the left side of his torso (7).



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