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Dave Navarro is famous for his guitar licks, but also for his extensive collection of tattoos. His arms are literally covered with many designs, such as lettering tattoo designs, star tattoo designs, portrait tattoo designs, snake tattoo designs, tribal tattoo designs, number tattoo designs, rose tattoo designs, and much more (See list below). Dave Navarro's chest, stomach and back also have many lettering tattoos, as well as a pinup tattoo designs on the left side of his ribcage and both his legs. Dave Navarro has so much body art that even himself has difficulty identifying the meaning of all his tattoos. The list below details every tattoo on his body and paints a good picture of the extent of Navarro's ink.


1- Pinup tattoo on left side of ribcage

2- "Constance" lettering tattoo on lower back

3- Playing card symbols on left forearm

4- Stylish star tattoos on left and right outer elbows

5- Spider web tattoo on left hand

6- Portrait tattoo on outer right bicep

7- Playboy bunny tattoo on right outer forearm

8- Batman logo tattoos on both shoulders

9- Snake tattoo on left shoulder

10- Tribal flame tattoo design on left bicep

11- Dolphin armband tattoo around left bicep

12- Virgin Mary tattoo on left inner forearm

13- "X II X III" Roman numeral tattoo on knuckles both hands

14- Cross and circle tattoo design with lettering on right hand

15- Cross tattoo design on outer right forearm

16- Fairy playing the sitar tattoo on right shoulder

17- Stylish armband tattoo around right bicep

18- Spider web tattoo on left shoulder

19- Chinese character tattoo on right bicep

20- Skull with fork and spoon tattoo on right bicep

21- Horse tattoo on right outer forearm

22- "Trust No One" lettering tattoo on right side of lower stomach

23- Pinup tattoos on both legs

24- Rose tattoo with lettering on right shoulder

25- Lettering tattoos on right forearm and bicep

26- Ghoulish tattoo design with skull on left inner forearm

27- Pig tattoo on left shoulder

28- Pregnant woman tattoo right inner forearm

29- "Eleven Twenty Two" lettering tattoo across chest

30- "CE" lettering tattoo on center of chest

31- "Jane's" with a "V" on right inner bicep


Dave Navarro is an American guitar player best known for his role as the lead guitarist in the Alternative rock band Jane's Addiction.




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