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Cole Mohr 32 Pictures

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Cole Mohr has a variety of tattoos on him. He has many lettering tattoo designs, located on his chest, the right side of his ribcage, his wrists and forearms, as well as on his neck. He also has a "BB" logo design on his right wrist, as well as a classic heart tattoo design with "Mom" on his left forearm.


1- "April May June" lettering tattoo design on chest

2- "Lovely" lettering tattoo design on right inner wrist

3- "BB" logo tattoo on right inner wrist

4- "Every day of my life" lettering tattoo on right side of ribcage

5- "Cawabunga" lettering tattoo on right side of neck

6- "Houston Texas" and "Whatever Forever" tattoos on inner elbows

7- Mom and heart tattoo design, "Shove" and various designs on forearms

9- "Wolves" lettering tattoo on left forearm


American model Cole Mohr is best known for being the face of many fashion companies such as H&M, Levi's and Tommy Hilfiger and has been featured on the cover of many fashion magazines.




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