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Christina Aguilera  16 Pictures

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Here is a list of Christina Aguilera's tattoos:

1- "Xtina" tattoo on back of neck

2- Flower tattoo on left wrist

3- "Te Amo Siempre" tattoo with Hebrew letters on left forearm

4- "I am to my beloved what my beloved is to me" in Hebrew on lower back

5- Mickey Mouse tattoo on lower stomach


American singer and recording artist Christina Aguilera was born on December 18, 1980. After being a contestant at the age of 10 on Star Search, she became a star from 1993 to 1994 on The Mickey Mouse Club television show. She got noticed for her talent as a singer and after singing the theme song for the animated movie Mulan, she got signed to RCA records and her career was launched. Christina would become one of the biggest pop sensations of the late nineties, with her highly successful self-titled debut album Christina Aguliera. Christina Aguilera has a passion for eccentric and unconventional fashion, peircings, and of course tattoos. As of 2011, she has only five tattoos located on different parts of her body but they all have deep meaning to her. First of all, she has a lettering tattoo that says "Xtina" on the back of her neck (1).


She also has a flower tattoo on her left wrist (2), as well as the spanish phrase "Te Amo Siempre", which translates to "I Love You Forever" in English, accompanied by the Hebrew letters Yud and Bet, for her husband's initials (3). Christina Aguilera's lower back wears a Hebrew tattoo of the quote "I am to my beloved what my beloved is to me" (4), as well as a Mickey Mouse tattoo on her lower stomach (5) as a tribute to her days in the Mickey Mouse Club.



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