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Here is a list of some of Chris Brown's tattoos:

1- Jesus Christ tattoo on right shoulder

2- Dead cartoon characters on right forearm

3- "C" tattoo with hand on left shoulder

4- Skull tattoos on both hands

5- "Symphonic Love" tattoo on chest

6- Full sleeves on both arms


American rap singer and songwriter Chris Brown was born on May 5, 1989. His debut album Chris Brown (2005) was recorded when he was only 16, and topped the Billboard charts with the hit single Run It!. Chris Brown became instantly famous and his debut album sold over two million copies. He got his first tattoo at the age of thirteen, against the will of his mother. It is a tattoo of Jesus with musical notes (1), representing that god gave him the gift of music. Then, at the age of fourteen he got a graffiti tattoo of the letter "C" with a hand image (3), meaning that he is holding his own name and his own destiny. The then got a tattoo of "2 ups 2 downs" that he designed himself at the age of 16, for the state of Virginia, his birthplace. Chris Brown also has many other tattoos, such as spray can, the letter "B" for his family name, skull tattoos with halos on his two hands (4) and ninjas. Finally, a tattoo of the words "Symphonic Love", angel wings, a diamond and roses on his chest (5) represent his life, and how he used to hang with the wrong crowd and do wrong things, but managed to escape these demons and chose his own path in life, a musical path. His both arms are also filled with many small designs (6) that give Chris Brown full sleeves on both arms.



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