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Cassie  10 Pictures

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Cassie's Tattoos

American artist, singer, dancer and model Cassie was born Cassandra Ventura on August 26, 1986. After being signed to Ryan Leslie's NextSelection Lifestyle Group music-media company, Cassie released her first major hit single "Me & U" in 2006. After the success of her single, she released Cassie, her debut album, that was greatly received by the music industry.


1- Tattoo of the letter "C" on her inner right wrist

2- Heart tattoo with wings on left inner wrist

3- Lettering tattoo on small of back

4- Lettering tattoo behind right ear

5- Tattoo of the letter "V" on inner right bicep

6- Star tattoo on left hip

7- Dragon tattoo on inner right ankle


Cassie has several tattoos on her body, such as a lettering tattoos of the letter "C" and "V" that are initials for "Cassie" and "Ventura", a heart tattoo with wing tattoos, a star tattoo, a dragon tattoo in a tribal tattoo style, as well as other lettering tattoos.



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