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Brian Austin Green  19 Pictures

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Brian Austin Green Tattoos

1- Eagle tattoo with sun rays on right shoulder

2- Egyptian eye of Horus tattoo on right arm

3- Japanese style Dragon tattoo on right forearm

4- Cross tattoo with "Sofia 3:16" on left shoulder

5- Blue flame tattoos around tattoo #4

6- Lettering tattoo on left inner forearm


American actor Brian Austin Green was born on July 15, 1973. He is known for his role as David Silver on the hit television show Beverley Hills, 90210 in the nineties, and since has played on several television series such as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Smallville.


Brian Austin Green has a few tattoos on his body, mainly on his arms, such as an eagle tattoo with lines that resemble sun rays on his right shoulder (1), an Egyptian tattoo design on his right arm (2), and a dragon tattoo around his right forearm that is done in the style of Japanese tattoo designs (3). Green also has religious tattoo composed of a cross and a lettering tattoo of "Sofia 3:16" on his left shoulder (4) and he later added around it fire tattoos colored in blue (5). His left forearm is also covered with a lettering tattoo (6).




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