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Brandon Boyd  12 Pictures

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Here is a list of some of Brandon Boyd's tattoos 

1- Buddhist Mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" tattoo on forearms
2- Koi fish tattoo on forearm
3- Tibetan Mantra prayer on right arm
4. "All Seeing Eye" on pyramid tattoo on upper back
5. Owl tattoo on back

American musician and vocalist Brandon Charles Boyd was born on February 15, 1976, and is mainly known as the lead singer for the rock band Incubus.

Brandon Boyd has many tattoos on his body, and he has designed most of them. One of his most popular tattoos is the well known Buddhist Mantra on his forearms "Om Mani Padme Hum", which relates to qualities of ethics, patience, generosity, diligence, wisdom and renunciation. Right next to this tattoo is a koi fish tattoo in red ink designed by Jose Pasillas II, a bandmate. Brandon Boyd also has a video game tattoo of Sarah Kerrigan, a character from the game Starcraft. He also got a tattoo on his back of an "All Seeing Eye" on a pyramid with wings, after the release of the Incubus album "A Crow Left On The Murder".

Brandon Boyd has several other tattoos, such as a tattoo of his parents name on his forearms, an owl tattoo on his back, tear drop tattoos on his index fingers, and a tattoo of the "Eye of Horus" on his right ankle. He also has a tattoo of a portrait of "The Peacock Skirt" made by famous artist Aubrey Beardsley on his left forearm.



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