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Billie Joe Armstrong 14 Pictures

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Here is a list of Billie Joe Armstrong's tattoos:

1- Photos strip with portraits on right outer forearm

2- Elaborate color tattoo design around left forearm

3- Star tattoos on left arm

4- Fish tattoo on right inner forearm

5- Cat tattoo scratching the skin on left shoulder

6- Skull tattoo with playing cards between left shoulder and chest

7- Old school hot rod car tattoo on left side of chest

8- Abstract circular tattoo design on left side of chest

9- Cartoon style tattoo of a spaceship or car on right shoulder

10- Rose tattoo on right inner forearm next to shoulder

11- "Adrienne" lettering tattoo on inside of right forearm

12- "27" in a circle tattoo on right forearm

13- "All Ages" tattoo with stars on right arm

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American musician, singer, guitarist and composer Billie Joe Armstrong was born on February 17, 1972. He is known worldwide for his role as the front man, singer and lead singer of the highly successful band Green Day. After showing an acute interest for music at the age of five by recording his first song, he formed the band Sweet Children with Mike Dirnt (still a musician with Green Day) at the age of fifteen. Armstrong then changed the name to Green Day, and after years of hard work, his band finally achieved great success.



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