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AJ Burnett  17 Pictures

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AJ Burnett's Tattoos

American Major League Baseball pitcher AJ Burnett was born on January 3, 1977. He is currently playing with the New York Yankees, and has also played with the Toronto Blue Jays and the Florida Marlins. He also once did a no-hitter in a complete game on May 12, 2001.


1- "Fortius Quo Fidelius" lettering tattoo on right forearm

2- Skeleton Virgin Mary tattoo with rosary on left forearm

3- Abstract tattoo design on right shoulder


AJ Burnett has a few tattoos on his body, mainly on his arms. He has a lettering tattoo on his right forearm that says "Fortius Quo Fidelius", which means "Strength Through Loyalty" in Latin. Burnett also has a religious tattoo on his left forearm that consists of a skeleton Virgin Mary tattoo with a rosary. Finally, he has many other designs on his upper arms and shoulders, but they are rarely seen in pictures.



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