She Devil Tattoo Designs: She's A Man-eater


A she-devil is a woman who resembles a devil, whether in physical appearance or personality traits.  She might be portrayed with red skin, devil horns, black wings, fangs, claws, and skimpy clothing.


A she-devil is a woman who resembles a devil, whether in physical appearance or personality traits. She might be portrayed with red skin, devil horns, black wings, fangs, claws, and skimpy clothing. She-devils are women of 'poor morals' who entice men to participate in deviant vices, like smoking, gambling, drinking, drug use, sexual promiscuity, etc. 

She-devils are usually styled like Old School pin-up girls, but with a mischievous streak that indicates their wicked personalities. Man's Ruin tattoos are designs that feature she-devils, either styled as actual demons or simply as immoral women, usually surrounded by symbols of various vices, like dice, poker chips, alcohol, weapons, drug use, or other illegal activities.

These tattoos serve as a warning, that illicit behavior, though enticing and fun, can have dangerous consequences. Man's Ruin designs represent the possibility that life could be destroyed by partaking in risky behavior. The she-devil serves as the personification of vices, willing to lead unsuspecting men astray.

The surrounding designs and specific vices portrayed are usually determined by the person getting the tattoo, by what they find appealing or tempting. Man's Ruin tattoos are highly customizable and very easy to personalize. People dealing with addictions, trying to conquer bad habits, and other problems might be drawn to Man's Ruin tattoos because they represent the possibility to fall back into bad habits.

For the gambling version of Man's Ruin tattoos, which may be the most popular, the she-devil is typically surrounded by playing cards, dice, poker chips, alcohol, and horse shoes. The playing cards might display a famous hand, such as the Dead Man's hand, a good hand, like a Royal Flush, or random cards. Similarly, the cards might be blank, feature skulls, or be represented as face down, showing that the outcome is risky. Likewise, dice usually show a lucky roll, like seven, or an unlucky roll, like snake eyes (a pair of ones). The horse shoe, usually a symbol of good luck, in this case also implies betting on the races. 

For alcohol themed Man's Ruin designs, the she-devil is often sitting in a martini glass or leaning against a pint of beer. The alcohol is usually relevant to the preference of the person designing the tattoo, like a specific brand of whiskey or vodka, but might also portray a general love of liquor by including several different drinks. Man's Ruin tattoos that feature drugs usually use less obvious references than simply depicting the drug of choice. Oftentimes, these designs include the she-devil amidst things like cards (to cut the drug with) or eight ball, which is a coded reference to the selling amounts of drugs. Money is also commonly featured, as in the money spent to purchase the drugs or the money earned from selling the drugs, or, in some cases, the vehicle used to consume the drugs.  

It is not uncommon for a she-devil to be featured alone. In these instances she is obviously devilish, in order to distinguish the tattoo from a standard pin-up design. It is also quite popular to depict a she-devil as the counterpart to a sexy angel. The juxtaposition of these tattoos is particularly interesting because, in most instances, the angel is as equally alluring as the devil. The implication here is that being good can be just as much fun as being bad. Furthermore, it shows that one could quite easily go either way, and is capable of being either bad or good, because the women are so similar.

Another common use of the she-devil is when a man or woman has been hurt by a female. These tattoos imply that all woman are devils, but they are seductive and alluring, thoroughly enticing, and will happily lead their victims astray or to heartbreak. Others simply find the sexy, she-devil to be an aesthetically pleasing take on the standard pin-up girl and appreciate the design for the sake of artwork.



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