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Libra Tattoo Designs: Measuring The Scales


Libra tattoos, like all zodiac tattoos, are most often chosen by people who believe in astrology and the zodiac, or believe that their own personality is in line with the general traits attributed to their zodiac sign.


Libra is the seventh sign in the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Venus. People born between September 24th and October 23rd are considered to be Libra individuals. Libra is an Air sign and one of the four zodiac Cardinal signs, in addition to Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn.

The symbol for Libra is usually represented by a figure, typically a woman, holding a pair of scales or even by a set of scales alone. The constellation Libra, likewise, is of scales. Each sign in the zodiac corresponds to a part of human anatomy. Libra, for example, controls the kidneys, lover back, and ovaries. 

Personal problems for a Libra, like emotional stress or a toxic relationship, can cause problems in these areas. Libras are inclined to experience lower lack problems throughout their lives. The colors associated with Libras are ivory or off-white, shades of pink or rose, and shades of blue, especially turquoise. Flowers that are special to the Libra individual include roses, both white and pink, daisies, violets, asters, and orchids.

Like all Air signs, Libras are thoughtful, insightful, intuitive, and eloquent. Libras excel in communication and make fantastic peacekeepers or mediators. As represented by the scales, Libra individuals have a good sense of judgement and aid others in finding balance. Because of their perceptive natures, Libra individuals are often able to pick up on unspoken conflict and repressed tension in others. They are adept at finding balance and harmony, and are able to use their skills in communication to help others through this process. For this reason, Libras often choose jobs in fields like counseling, psychiatry, and therapy. They are often very aware of social issues and seek to resolve conflict peaceably, encouraging others to to be harmonious with their surroundings and their community.

Libras are masculine signs, and not only is the Libra individual outgoing and charming, but also blessed with grace in social situations. Libra is an expert partner, in both a professional or personal role. Libra is also concerned with beauty, especially the beauty and balance found in nature. Perhaps this is the reason why Libra individuals tend to be concerned with the environment and preserving the delicate balance that exists in nature. 

Like other extroverted signs, Libra enjoys being admired, but can sometimes fall victim to flattery and false appreciation. This can allow others to take advantage of the Libra individual, through careful manipulation and praise. It is essential that the Libra individual remain humble or grounded. Because Libra is a fair judge, able to see both sides of an issue, the Libra personality might be inclined to play the Devil's Advocate. As Libras are also inclined towards laziness and procrastination, a Libra individual might talk himself out of doing something, rather than motivate himself towards action.

Taken to extremes, this ability to see all aspects of a decision can make the Libra individual completely incapable of making a decision. Compounded with a Libra who is gullible or easily influenced with flattery, this trait can quickly spiral out of control, leaving the Libra vulnerable and open to manipulation. This is a particularly dangerous situation for Libras who are serving in positions of power, like judge or therapist. It is important for Libras to actively protect themselves from potential manipulation and coercion. Fortunately, the Libra individual is typically an excellent critical thinker so, if they can manage to step away form a situation and look at it logically, they can easily see if they are being taken advantage of.

Libra tattoos, like all zodiac tattoos, are most often chosen by people who believe in astrology and the zodiac, or believe that their own personality is in line with the general traits attributed to their zodiac sign. Libras appreciate art and beauty, so it is logical for Libras to be drawn to the art of tattooing. Body art and body modification will not appeal to all Libras, as some will see it as destructive, but most will be able to appreciate the aesthetics of a tattoo design. Libra tattoos can also be used to commemorate or honor someone else who is or was a Libra.


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