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Geisha Tattoo Designs: Art In Human Form


The Japanese word ?Geisha? translates into ?person of the arts? and an authentic Geisha is said to be a literal model of art in human shape...


Geisha tattoos are extremely feminine and are considered beautiful and erotic, by both women and men. These beautiful and graceful tattoos generally represent a person’s desires and dreams to escape the trappings of daily life. Based on the design of a porcelain doll, a geisha tattoo is the representation of a fantasy world that transports anyone who sees it and the wearer alike, to another place or time.

A geisha tattoo, is typically drawn in a portrait-like style of the woman with her hair up and visage highlighted white with lively doll-like features. Bright shades are vibrant with rich colorings. Occasionally, other images are displayed with the geisha to enhance the distinct result. Traditionally, with Japanese tattoo designs of geishas, cherry blossoms, peaches, fans, and ornate robes are displayed round the image. 

Fantasy geishas are depicted in pin-up model style tattoos, and stylized with more of an originally visual view. A geisha tattoo is an elegant and graceful choice for anyone. Steeped in superstition and ancient teachings for millennia and framed by unrestrained grace and beauty, this tattoo will always be breathtaking.

In modern day Japan, geishas have been changed into symbols of traditional values. In the western world, the geisha has developed into a mark of exotic grace and beauty, indicative of the East. The Japanese word “Geisha” translates into “person of the arts” and an authentic Geisha is said to be a literal model of art in human shape.

To the people of the western world, a Geisha is a mysterious, captivating figure. A pale white mask skilfully conceals all the emotion, lipstick is always red, a black wig is styled to perfection and decorated with jingling bells, or other adornments. Her lithe body is wrapped closely in a kimono, lined in crimson silk, rich with color, and a beautifully complex design. The tiny waist wrapped with a wide silken sash, called an obi. She wears thong sandals on her small feet, encased in plain white socks, and takes delicate steps. In her hand she holds a fan to obscure her face that she sways gently to and fro.

These tattoos celebrate the trained professional woman whose traditional occupation is to entertain men. Using music, song, and the ability to converse about current events, they create an atmosphere of relaxation and entertainment, which are the most essential skills of the Geisha. Although in Japan, the Geisha is not seen as one of the more remarkable tattoos with meaning, but more as a tourist attraction that entertains people from the western nations. Tattoos with meaning do not often come as powerful as this graceful, distinctive form of art. She is the representation, of the embodiment of mystery, power, and magnetic allure.

Like a powerful living myth, the geisha is believed to be obscured in the shrouded mists of the culture. The Geisha is remarkable for her beauty, yet somehow exudes unattainable separateness...too far out of reach of mere mortal men. Although she exists in the here and now, by some unknown means she has become more mystery, than certain reality. She represents a mythic dream, a figment of one’s imagination, a fulfillment of one’s deepest desires and greatest ambitions.


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