Artist Feature: Dmitriy Samohin


By Karen L. Hudson, for

Dmitriy Samohin is quickly becoming a “household name” in the tattoo world. His artwork is so outstanding that he has become – after just over a decade in the industry himself – one of the artists often looked up to and emulated by both new and established tattoo artists.

I think it’s safe to say that Dmitriy was a child prodigy in the arts – at the age of 5 or 6, people were already noticing and complimenting his drawings. From there, he continued to push himself and has used his knack for keen observation to constantly improve his own techniques.

Dmitriy’s natural talent and his own innate drive for excellence enabled him to doing something that not many artists can: he taught himself, and he became incredibly accomplished and successful at it, often being described as one of *the* best tattooers in the world.

Dmitriy is also a painter, and has such a love for it that he has stated that he wishes he could do nothing else in his free time when he isn’t tattooing. His skill for photo-realism is evident in his paintings as well as his tattoos.

Photo Realistic Paintings by Dmitriy Samohin

Hailing from Odessa, Ukraine, Dmitriy also travels the convention circuit, where he has won multiple awards for his artwork at a variety of different shows across the globe. His first exposure to the world outside the Ukraine resulted in Dmitriy being flooded by fans and praise, both of which he accepts humbly and constantly expresses thanks for.

“Dmitriy, I just want to tell you what an inspiration you are to up and coming artists like myself. I, myself may never gain the experience to acquire your skill level, but it's artists like yourself that drive people like me to succeed and become the absolute best that we can be. You are a true artist my friend and I will always look up to you and be continually inspired by your work. Take care.” - James H.

“The relationship you have with light is truly inspiring. Thank you for being creative out loud.” – Heidi T.

“I am speechless after viewing your album, I was almost in TEARS at how gorgeous your work is. My new life goal is to have ink done by you because you are truly amazing!” – Amanda B.

Dmitriy decided to try putting art to skin after serving in the military. During his time in the Army, he came across a tattoo magazine and was enthralled with the “new” medium. He took the long road by learning the craft on his own through years of trial and error, coming to the conclusion that the equipment you use is just as important as your own personal talent, and he encourages upcoming artists to always use the right tools.

Dmitriy’s favorite tattoo style – and the one he is clearly known most for – is photo realism. When asked how or why he is so good at it, he simply explains the importance of keen observation and emphasizes that the eyes are the essence of the soul, so he takes extra care to be sure he portrays eyes with as much depth as possible.

“And for me it’s all about the eyes, the expression. It’s like in our daily life, where the eyes reveal everything. I like to express that reality in my portraits as well.”

Those wishing to be tattooed by this amazing artist can try to get a spot with him without having to travel to the Ukraine. He actively posts on his Facebook Page, which is also the best way to contact him for an appointment in Odessa.