Artist Feature: Brandon Bond


Award winning artist Brandon Bond has the distinction of being the single most highly decorated tattoo artist in the world.


Award winning artist Brandon Bond has the distinction of being the single most highly decorated tattoo artist in the world. As well as winning countless awards for his own personal abilities, his studio ‘All or Nothing Tattoo’ in Atlanta has won its own fair share including the best of Atlanta award 4 times running. Known as the king of self-promotion he has a total of 15 websites dedicated to his empire, and has a number of different enterprises and projects that he is actively involved in. His elevated status has earned him a few enemies along the way and made him a household name. Currently operating out of his ‘All or Nothing Tattoo’ studio in Atlanta, he has a waiting list of well over a year and a growing celebrity client base.

Born in the tiny island of Perdido Key, Florida, Brandon attended college in Texas to study fine arts. After being given a tattoo machine by his friend Jim Wolfe, he began performing tattoos on his friends and family before finding employment at ‘Tattoo Zoo’ in Florida. He completed a formal apprenticeship under the watchful eye of Shaman Bear and then relocated to Nevada to give tattoos on the Las Vegas Boulevard. 

His early career saw him move a number of times and he worked in studios in New Hampshire, Seattle, and New Orleans before returning once again to Florida to work in Panama Beach. In 2003 his work began to receive attention and his designs were published in Tattoo Savage, Tattoo Revue, and Skin Art magazine. In 2004 he opened famed studio ‘All or Nothing Tattoo’ in Atlanta and poached artists from all over the world to give some of the most spectacular tattoos seen anywhere in the business.

It is impossible to categorize Brandon’s tattoo style as it is his diversity which makes him so unique. What is evident is that he is a master of graduated shading, color, tone, and texture and has the ability to create some of the most complex and intricately detailed work ever seen. He currently specialises in collaborative tattooing, where more than one artist works on a piece at the same time to create something truly unique. He is currently only performing larger pieces and has a four hour minimum time for his appointments.

Brandon is currently the most successful and published artist in the world. Along with his incredible artistic talent he has a firm understanding of the importance of public relations and has a number of websites offering a wealth of information about his studios and different companies. His latest project is the opening of a special VIP studio ‘A.N.T.I Art Elite’ which is an extension of ‘All or Nothing Tattoo’. This one of a kind private studio boasts the type of luxuries rarely seen outside of five star hotels. Two cinema screens, Jacuzzi, ornamental koi fish ponds, hand laid Brazilian flooring, wireless video games, a fully stocked bar and grill are all at the disposal of clients, including two gallery spaces featuring a private Brandon Bond collection of art. Appointments are by acceptance only and require a large deposit and possibly a long wait.

Brandon also owns ‘Stranglehold Publications’ which has produced five books and five full length DVDs mostly dealing with tattoo instruction and techniques. His most successful film is entitled ‘VICKtory to the Underdog’ and was directed produced and starred in by Brandon himself. The film is a disturbing documentary that follows Brandon as he attempts to rescue and rehabilitate abused pit bulls in particular the infamous Michael Vick fighting dogs. The documentary was nominated for a number of awards and recently won ‘Best Social Commentary’ at the AOF film festival. Tattoo chairs, equipment, t shirts, stickers, prints, and paintings are also available for purchase through Stranglehold Publications.

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Brandon’s unprecedented fame and fortune has, of course, earned him a few haters and jealous rivals along the way. Some say that he is exploiting the tattoo business by bringing it into the mainstream and to a much wider audience. The fact is Brandon’s talent and creativity is unrivaled in the tattoo world and he is involved in a number of charities in an attempt to give back to society some of the help and appreciation they have shown him. He currently supporting Toys for Tots, which raises money for fallen police officers and health care charities and his most successful charity Atlanta Pit Bull Rescue has saved hundreds of dogs from the clutches of dog fighting rings. With success always comes jealousy and fortunately for the tattoo world Brandon has managed to rise above this and continue to create some of the most spectacular tattoos the world has ever seen.

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