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  • 19,692 PICTURES
  • These Artists Will Make Your Skin Crawl...With Ink

    13 insanely talented tattoo artists who excel in horror, macabre and gore tattoos.

  • Tattoo Safety - Cross Contamination and What Your Artist Doesn’t Tell You

    A detailed look at tattoo safety and measures taken to prevent cross contamination and the transmission of infectious diseases in the tattoo industry.

  • Tattoo Aftercare

    When you get a new tattoo, you sometimes put so much effort into choosing the perfect design and the right artist that you don’t really think about how you’re going to care for your ink once you have it. Then you’re left scrambling trying to find the right product(s), …

  • 10 Cool Tattoos From Some Of The Best Video Games Ever Made

    Video games have an array of characters and symbols that are perfect for tattoos. Whether to boast your geek pride or simply show your favorite game, these best video game tattoos are perfect examples of how you could sport some digital entertainment pride.

  • Lose the Generic Ink - 10 Amazing Tattoo Concepts

    We might easily forget to look at other forms of art to inspire ourselves for our next ink session. From paintings to sculptures, any form of visual art can be adapted into a tattoo, provided your tattoo artist is skillful enough and willing to do so.

  • Fear and pain of needles

    Fear can be a paralyzing obstacle that prevents us from doing things we really want to do. Sometimes, the fear of needles, pain, or blood prevents people from getting tattooed, even though they know – in their heart of hearts – that they really want one. You are responsi…


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